Is It OK to Leave Dentures Out For a Day?

We understand that the road to optimal oral health involves not just natural teeth but also the care of dental prosthetics, including dentures. Today, we tackle a common concern among denture wearers: the question of leaving dentures out for an extended period, such as a whole day. 

It is possible to leave dentures out for a whole day, but it’s essential to approach this with care to ensure the health of your oral tissues and the maintenance of the dentures. 

Providing your gums with rest from the dentures can be advantageous, as it allows these tissues some time to recuperate and breathe. However, during this period, it’s critical to keep your dentures moist. Dentures should be immersed in water or a special denture cleaner when not worn, to prevent them from drying out and warping. This interval also presents an excellent chance to conduct thorough oral hygiene, such as cleaning your gums, tongue, and the roof of your mouth.

Understanding Dentures

Dentures, whether partial or complete, are custom-made dental appliances designed to restore oral functionality in the absence of natural teeth. Maintaining their structural integrity is crucial, and diligent care is key to avoiding potential complications.

The Importance of Daily Denture Care

While the temptation to leave dentures out for extended periods may arise, adhering to a consistent daily care regimen is crucial. Dentures, much like natural teeth, are susceptible to bacterial colonisation, plaque accumulation, and staining. Regular cleaning is imperative to prevent these issues, ensuring that dentures remain comfortable and functional.

The Significance of Adequate Rest for Oral Tissues

During the initial days of wearing new dentures, it is recommended to consider wearing them most of the time, including while sleeping. However, as your mouth becomes accustomed to the dentures, it is advisable to remove them before bedtime. Providing your gums with a period of rest contributes to overall oral health.

Dentures and the Need for Rest

Dentures require six to eight hours of rest per day to allow the underlying tissues to recover. While many individuals remove their dentures at night, this practice may be uncomfortable for some. Leaving dentures out not only aids in the natural cleaning process but also allows gums to rest and relax, promoting better oral health.

Choosing the Right Time to Remove Dentures

If you wear dentures, you might be tempted to take them out at night while you sleep or during the day. Ensuring they are clean before nighttime insertion is crucial. If overnight removal is not possible, thorough cleaning and soaking are recommended in the evening. To eliminate bacteria accumulated overnight, cleaning your dentures promptly in the morning is essential.


In summary, maintaining optimal oral health with dentures involves striking a balance between regular care and providing adequate rest for oral tissues. While wearing dentures during the initial days can be beneficial, giving your gums a break during the night contributes to their overall health. Whether choosing to remove dentures at night or during the day, cleanliness and proper care are paramount. For personalised advice tailored to your unique needs, consult with us and ensure that your dentures contribute to a healthy and comfortable smile.

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Determined to remain at the cutting edge of modern Dental Technology, David recently completed an intense training course in producing dentures that genuinely recreate the natural facial structures which are lost during the ageing process through tooth loss and gum regression. He, and his many patients, are overjoyed with the natural appearance and facial proportions which this new methodology offers.