Denture Emergencies

You Should See Your Denturist for These Denture Emergencies

For someone with missing teeth, dentures provide a second chance for you to have a full and dazzling smile. Not only do they boost self-confidence, but they also make chewing, speaking, and smiling easy again. Unfortunately, even with their durability and careful handling on your part, your dentures can get still get damaged either due to accidents or everyday wear and tear. So what do you do when your dentures get damaged? And what kind of denture problems constitute an emergency? Below are some of the emergency situations where you need to see your denturist.

Denture Breaking in Half

There are several factors that can contribute to your dentures shattering or breaking in half, from gradual wear and tear to the sudden temperature changes when you switch from hot to cold foods. Dropping them on a hard surface or even blunt force from getting hit in the face either during sports or strenuous activities, can also cause your dentures to break.

When any of these situations happen, it is highly possible that your denturist will be able to fix the prosthetic. Waiting around or trying to fix the damage yourself can make things worse, so it is important that you see your denturist immediately after your dentures break.

You Swallow or Inhale a Denture Part

It is not likely that a full dental prosthetic will fit down your throat. However, it is possible for a partial denture or a piece of your denture to break off and you accidentally swallow it. If this happens, it is very important that you don’t panic and see your denturist immediately. Depending on the size of the denture piece you swallowed, you may or may not need medical attention. Your denturist will also need to carry out repairs on the rest of your dentures.

Cases of inhaling or swallowing dentures are very rare and typically only happen when dentures are not fitted properly. So if you notice that your dentures have become ill-fitting, see your denturist immediately for a reline to avoid this kind of complication.

Implant Infection

There have been situations where a dental implant fails and the gums become infected. As a patient with denture implants, if you notice that you have begun to develop peri-implantitis (an infection that develops as a result of bacteria building up near the site of a dental implant), it is important that you see your denturist immediately as this type of infection can cause throbbing pain, pus (which causes bad breath), swelling, difficulty eating, bleeding, fever and even bone deterioration when left untreated.

If you notice that your dentures are starting to feel loose and it is accompanied by pain and fever, see your denturist immediately.

Chipped or Broken Tooth

A tooth in your denture can chip or break under the same conditions that natural teeth break- accidents and eating certain hard foods. So if one or more teeth in your denture are broken or have become chipped, it is crucial that you see your denturist to get them fixed immediately. This is because the chipped tooth may have sharp edges that can cut and cause injury to your tongue, lips and mouth when not fixed immediately.


Denture emergencies happen and when they do, it is important that you do not panic but see your denturist immediately. Your denturist can help you with your denture emergency, and they are also better equipped to carry out any denture repairs that are needed.

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