Choosing The Right Service

Make Denture Repairs Affordable by Choosing the Right Repair Service

For someone who uses dentures, going even a few hours without them can make essential activities like speaking and chewing very difficult. Unfortunately, even with the best handling and care, dentures still get damaged and when they do, finding the right denture repair service to handle the repairs is very important. 

The cost of getting your dentures repaired depends on a number of factors, such as; the severity of the damage, the type of dentures, the type of repair needed (relining, rebasing, adjustments) and the denture repair company you hire. Taking all of these factors into consideration, how can you get affordable denture repairs without compromising on the quality of the repairs you get? Well, the answer is simple, you find the right denture repair service. With over 30 years of experience specialising in dentures and repairs, we can offer you an affordable and practical solution often on the same day.

Mobile Denture Repair Services

We understand that not all patients will be able to visit their local dental practice or post their dentures. Our mobile service can provide you with adequate denture care from the comfort of your own home and also recommend ways you can improve the fit and function of your dentures. 

In addition to paying for the repair itself, making a trip to your dental practice for repairs costs money, not to mention some people are mobility challenged and can’t make the trip to see their dentist. Dentists also tend to be quite busy whereas we can provide assistance to get your dentures repaired or replaced the same day. By choosing us you can save the time and money you would have spent on making the trip to your dental practice by simply posting us your damaged dentures or by calling us out to your address. 

Once they are received, repairs are carried out by our expert technicians and your newly fixed dentures are delivered right to your doorstep. This type of service makes denture repairs not only affordable but very convenient. Bear in mind that not all types of denture repairs can be done this way. In very severe cases where an impression of your teeth is needed to carry out repairs, we will need you to visit us for a consultation.


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Dip CDT RCS (Eng) Clinical Dental Technician
Determined to remain at the cutting edge of modern Dental Technology, David recently completed an intense training course in producing dentures that genuinely recreate the natural facial structures which are lost during the ageing process through tooth loss and gum regression. He, and his many patients, are overjoyed with the natural appearance and facial proportions which this new methodology offers.