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Denture Repair

from £60
London & South East

24hrs, 7 Days a Week, Including Bank Holidays

Post your dentures for repair

If you are unable to visit us due to Covid-19, you can post your dentures to us for repair. Once we have repaired them, we can post them back to you. Please call us for further information.

Mobile Denture Repair in London & South East.

Affordable and efficient denture repair service. Call us on 020 8296 0386

Specialists in denture repair for over 30 years, we operate a 24-hour mobile service allowing you to remain in the comfort of your own home whilst receiving the the highest possible standards.

We also operate from Alan Wilson Dentistry in Epsom and Sherwood Park Dental in Sutton for those who wish to have a full professional dental check up at the same time. Our state of the art facilities ensure you get the best care and attention in a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

We operate a same-day service and can repair your dentures in as little as 50 mins.
Our qualified technicians can come to your home to repair your dentures.
Over 30 years experience in denture repair and fitting makes us the leaders of our industry
What our customers say

I’m really pleased with my new dentures – they fit perfectly. They are a lovely colour and I have no problems with eating or anything. I really love them!

– Mary Kelly (April 2019)

Denture Services

Flexible Dentures

It’s important to make sure your dentures are comfortable. If your dentures are loose or don’t fit comfortably, Flexible Dentures may be the solution.

Flexible Dentures are designed to replace single or several teeth and fit tightly to the gum. Made from a thin flexible layer which fits tight to the gum, Flexible Dentures offer excellent comfort and appearance.

Denture Reline

To keep your dentures in good condition, it’s recommended to have a Denture Reline service every 2 years, or if they ever become loose. Over time, it’s normal for the shape of gums to change, which is why it’s important to ensure your dentures fit correctly. Well fitted dentures help to prevent painful sores and trapped food.

Chrome Dentures

The key benefits of Chrome Dentures are their superior strength and smaller size compared with standard acrylic dentures.

Chrome Dentures are designed to cover less tissue area in the mouth in order to increase oral sensitivity and taste.

If you would like to know more, please call us for a free consultation.

Full Dentures

We are specialists in producing high-quality Full Dentures designed to replace all the natural teeth in either the upper or lower jaw. We have a wide array of options to suit all budgets.

Can you use glue to fix dentures?

Dentures can be superglued together and give the appearance of a good, cost efficient fix. But dentures are made of a smooth, impermeable surface which doesn’t bond well with any type of glue. We use acrylic acid in our repairs which is a much better option.

Are broken dentures an emergency?

 Broken dentures, while not being a medical emergency, are a dental emergency. As such we offer denture repair around the clock to anyone who might need it. Using broken dentures can cause the denture to be further damaged so it’s important to get dentures sorted quickly. 

Can dentures be fixed if broken in half?

We can fix dentures broken in half using acrylic acid, creating a strong bond leaving your dentures good as new, you won’t even be able to tell it was broken. Get in touch at 020 8296 0386 and our 24hr emergency denture repair team will be happy to help.

How long does it take to repair dentures?

We specialise in denture repair, so with over 30 years of experience we have optimised our service so that we can finish our repairs within 50 minutes. Get in touch today and we can talk you through the options we provide both through our mobile technicians and at our facilities.